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The Falconer Trust

The Falconer Trust was formed in 1980 by Henry and Irene Webb, and its primary aim is to support the work of Lilias Falconer and the Children’s home that she started in 1949 in Kabulamema, Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. Henry and Rene both passed away in 2010 and the Director of the Trust is now their son Ken. The trust has a warehouse and office in Norfolk, from where all of the donated goods are stored and dispatched. In May 2014 Neil Starling became the Manager of the Falconer Trust, taking over the day-to-day running of the charity.

The Falconer Children’s Home

The Falconer Children’s Home and Orphanage was established in 1947 by Lilias Falconer, a nurse from Manchester. It is situated in Kabulamema, in a remote part of the North Western province of Zambia. Miss Falconer ran the Home for fifty years, until she passed away in 1998, and it is now being run by her children. Simon Samutala arrived at the Home just two days old and is now in charge of all the different activities and projects. Miriam Mulyata came when she was seven days old, and having trained as a nurse has the responsibility of looking after the children’s welfare and the running of the main house.

Miss Falconer with Luke Fundulu and his infectious granny Nyachinduwa 21/3/47, at Chitokoloki Hospital

Collection Point in Wanstead

Wanstead Baptist Church is now a collection point for donated goods for the Falconer Trust. We are so grateful to Rev. David Morgan and the fellowship at Wanstead for building a lovely new shed to collect our goods.

If you would like to deliver items to the church for the Falconer Trust, please contact the Falconer Trust in the first instance (01953 884468 or and we will put you in touch with the church staff.

The address for Wanstead Baptist Church is 29-31 Wellington Road, London, E11 2AS

Donated Goods

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To see a list of food items, clothing and other goods which we can send to the home.

Contact Us

3 Linmore Court

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Phone 01953 884468


Latest News

Trustees News

Ken Webb has stood down from his position as Director and Trustee of the Falconer Trust. We are most grateful for the amazing work which he and Pat have done for the benefit of the Falconer Home ever many years, and we wish them a long and very happy retirement!

Richard Hindley has also stood down from the position of Trustee of the Falconer Trust, as he felt that he did not have the time to commit fully to the work. We are most grateful to Richard for all that he has contributed to the work over the years.

Christmas 2022 Newsletter

The Christmas 2022 newsletter is now available, and can be downloaded here.

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Video Update July 2022

The July 2022 update is available on YouTube. It can be viewed by following this link:

Please share this video with your churches, home groups etc., and pass on the link to anyone you feel would be interested.

‘The Falconer Home Story’ and ‘Hymns for Zambia’ DVDs

To order either of these, please email us at

‘Mama Ndona’ by Pat Webb

This book tells the fascinating and inspiring story of Lilias Falconer, ‘The Lady With The Golden Heart’, and the establishing of the Falconer Children’s Home and Orphanage at Kabulamema.

It draws extensively on Miss Falconer’s correspondence, as well as many personal reminiscences.

The book is available for a suggested donation of £9.50 including p&p, and all proceeds go towards the work of the Falconer Trust. Please email, telephone or write to request a copy.

A batch of parcels being unloaded at the Falconer Home.

The new generator house