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Falconer Children’s Home

and Orphanage, Kabulamema, Zambia

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DVD Available

A DVD is available,entitled ‘Walking In The Light’,  based on footage taken during the 2017 visit. If you would like a complimentary copy, please email us at

1st Somerford Guides

In 2015 the 1st Somerford Guides made lovely dresses for the girls at the Falconer Home, and we were able to take the dresses out with us that summer, and give them to the girls there. The Guides have continued their support of the Home, and in October 2016 they were able to deliver several bags which they had made for the children. This year the Guides made finger puppets and glove puppets, which brought bring lots of fun for the children when they were delivered.

Thank you so much to the 1st Somerford Guides, and their leader Gill Shaw, for all that they are doing for the children of the Falconer Home.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Finance Policy

The Falconer Trust has produced a formal Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. We recognise the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children at the Home during our visits, and providing a framework for dealing with any potential issues which may arise. The staff at the Home have adopted a similar policy, so that the same level of protection and transparency is in place at all times. To view our policy click here. We have also adopted a Financial Management Policy, to ensure that all financial matters are handled in a transparent and rigorous manner.

‘Making Melody’ - CD

During the 2015 visit to the home, we recorded a CD of 12 songs sung by the children at the home. The CD is called ‘Making Melody’, and is available for a suggested donation of £5. Please get in touch with us if you would like a copy.

Maintenance and Improvements

Simon and his team have several maintenance jobs to take care of, as a result of a particularly severe rainy season. The paving at the front of the main house needs to be repaired in order to stop rainwater running towards the house and destroying the foundations. Repairs are also needed for the retaining wall of the fish pond. Simon is also keen to upgrade the kitchen in the main house, and build a second kitchen at the other end of the house.


During June 2017, Neil, Dennis and Geoff visited the Falconer Home. One of the key issues facing the Home during our stay was the matter of electricity. The main diesel generator which provides power to the Home was out of action, needing repairs. This meant that the water pump could not be used, so there was no running water in the Home either. A small portable generator was being used to power light in the evenings, but this was not powerful enough to run the pump as well. We were able to pay for a solar light system to be purchased, which is now being fitted. The exciting news is that mains electricity is now being installed in Kabulamema. This will obviously make a huge difference to life at the Home.