Supporting the

Falconer Children’s Home

and Orphanage, Kabulamema, Zambia

How Can I Help?

People help and support the Children’s Home in many ways:-

As though prayer was some last resort

For it is by prayer, and the power it brings

That “Our God changes things”.

Please keep on praying for the Children and staff.

Goods are received, sorted, packed and sent from our Norfolk base. Usually a batch of 60 parcels every 6 weeks with a combined weight of approx. 1000kg is dispatched via a carrier on route to Ndola, to be collected by the Home’s vehicle and taken the 450 miles to Kabulamema.

Many people knit for the children, blankets , baby-wear, jumpers and shawls.

Download a Standing Order form (pdf) here

Download a Gift Aid Declaration (pdf) here

Download a Goods List here